About me

My photographs live between the real and the surreal.

Most of the time, my dreams dominate. Colours shine as I remember them from the time I shot the photograph. They are not representations of the colors themselves; but rather,  the mood or the situation I am involved in.

At times, I have experienced that some future events are already present in my shots. I do not know why this happens. I have never felt it as being something negative; but rather as something reassuring, peaceful, enlightening and profound. It has always brought me closer to God.

You may feel that some of my photographs look similar.  That is not so. I picture whatever is around me with the eyes of what's inside my head at that moment.  In the end I consider every picture I take, as coming from my heart, my soul, and as such, a personal creation. 

Don't try to find a photograph within my photographs. Rather look at them searching for a sensation, a mood, a non verbal message. Sometimes a cry of desperation and some other time, the soft whisper of a breeze.

I pray for your understanding.  Something that will provoke a thought,  something to meditate, or perhaps a smile.

Thank you.


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